Anti Virus products

We are an authorised reseller of most major brands of antivirus, internet security, total security, and malware solutions for Windows and Mac with significant saving over manufacturers RRP.  Whatever you're requirements, please get in touch for up-to-date pricing.


Does what it says. Protects you against all the traditional and new forms of viruses, such as "classic" threats like viruses, worms, and trojans, but also offers protection against adware, bots, and other exploits. Typically suited for a more technical computer user who is savvy to the latest threats and is mainly looking for real-time anti-virus protection.

Internet Security

Provides the same core protection as Anti-Virus, but typically come with additional features, such as secure online banking, webcam protection, parental control, Wi-Fi enhancements and a personal firewall, as well as password protection facilities. If you want more bells and whistles than a traditional anti-virus program without having to think about online security, this is the path to go.

Total Security

Provides the same core protection as Internet Security, but typically come with additional features, such as extra file storage with a Gigabyte limit, file shredding, file encryption, password manager, personal data filters, anti-phishing protection, scheduled automatic backup system and PC tune-up/clean-up tools. All Total Security products are not designed the same. Many anti-virus manufacturers will add certain "additional features" in their own Total Security product.


Anti-malware is a tool alongside your chosen tool of protection, that you can occasionally use on demand, making sure nothing got past your Anti-Virus, Internet Security, or Total Security software or has been overlooked. With this combination, you’ll protect yourself from older threats that have been forgotten and emerging new threats.

An anti-malware product will not be registered in the Windows operating system by design which allows this Anti-Malware product to run side-by-side and compliment any other Anti-Virus, Internet security, or Total Security product since the Windows operating system only allows one anti-virus product (whether being an Anti-Virus, Internet Security, Total Security or any other name that an anti-virus product goes by) to run per Windows PC.

Furthermore, some Anti-Malware products have real-time protection as well just like anti-virus products protecting any incoming threat from entering your computer at all times.